Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hats! And Finally a Reason to Wear Them

Down here in South Texas, it rarely gets cold enough to really wear sweaters, coats, and other winter gear. However, that changed last Friday when we experienced a freeze with precipitation. That's right -- we got ice! Which means, of course, no school for the boys and the city pretty much shut down. Brrr.

When I did venture out, I wore one of the hats that I made for myself this winter. Usually I don't wear hats because it's a committment of sorts -- my naturally-curly hair does not recover well from being squished under a hat. But this year, I said to myself, 'Self, sometimes a cute hat is worth squished curls.'

I found some cute hat patterns from some of my favorite designers. (Luckily, my no-new-yarn resolution does not apply to patterns. After all, how will I ever get through the stash of yarn I have without new patterns for inspiration!)

Both of the patterns I used above are available on Ravelry

Speaking of hats, another favorite designer Crystalized Designs has updated her Ethan beanie and is having a giveaway of the pattern to celebrate! It's such a cute beanie! I really love that it is so boyish!

Check out her blog post and enter to win! Good luck!

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