Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Serious Catching Up, Seriously

I'm not really sure how it got to this point. Do the days just whiz by for everyone, or is it just me?

To recap the last few months:

My oldest son Morgan is doing great in his freshman year at college. I, however, still feel his absence strongly. Luckily, he texts me constantly, so it does make things easier. Plus he's almost finished with his second semester, so I am counting the days until he is home again. :)

My second son Tanner is about to graduate from high school, and he has been accepted to the University of Texas at Dallas. Yikes! I have some pictures to order and announcements to address. Oh and a wreath to make for our front door, since I made one last year when Morgan graduated.

My third son Carson is about to become a high schooler. He was accepted into the Science & Engineering Academy (the same school Tanner will graduate from), so we continue with the tradition of attending magnet schools. I'm really proud of my boys. :)

My fourth son Connor is finishing up third grade. He once told me (when Morgan mentioned his dream to move to Europe after college) that he would never leave me. He is the sweetest boy, and he misses Morgan the most (after me, of course).

(UH campus visit)

In crafty news, I have finished two blankets (and started another), made countless hats and scarves, and started cross-stitching again.

             (Nikki's bobble blanket)                  

 (Morgan's cozy dorm blanket)

(Kevin's nautical-inspired blanket)

I used to cross-stitch all the time. I hoarded DMC embroidery thread and contemporary patterns. I'm not really sure how my crafty life evolved from thread to yarn, except that after having my children, I found it much easier to put a yarn project down than a cross-stitch project. Cross-stitch after all requires a certain amount of concentration.

(Birthday gift for my bestie's son. Pattern by weelittlestitches.)

I'll post some of the cross-stitch pieces I have framed around my house. Next time. :)