Friday, October 31, 2008

It's No Trick....

The Lavender Lizard is now featured at The Present Professor!!! Can't tell you how exciting this is for me!

Carli from The Present Professor contacted me last week to say she liked my lip balm holders and wanted to feature them on her website. I was floored!!! So to celebrate, I'm giving away 3 of the handy little holders! Just leave a comment at The Present Professor for a chance to win! (The contest will continue until Wednesday evening 11/5).

** Thanks, Carli! You rock! **

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Etsy Texas Crafters October Design Challenge

The theme for this month's ETC Design Challenge is War of the Worlds -- not an easy theme when your mode of expression is crochet, it turns out. Well, maybe that's why they call it a "challenge".

I had a tough time with this theme and pretty much had decided to skip it. Then I remembered my latest yarn store find -- glow-in-the-dark yarn in several colors! The first thing I did was make sure it really did glow in the dark, and it does!! It has a fiber that is blended with acrylic yarn that, when exposed to light for 5 minutes, will glow for 5 minutes. I wish I could photograph it, because it really is cool.
So with g-i-t-d yarn in hand, I set to work on crocheting aliens for the War of the Worlds theme. They evolved as I created the pattern (originally the top was the bottom, and the tentacles were antenna). They could sit either way, but I prefer the tentacle look.

Then the aliens needed a ship (I mean, the whole point of WOTW was aliens landing on Earth, right?). So I made a spaceship in grey and added g-i-t-d "landing lights". The spaceship turned out a little chubbier than I had planned, but the aliens are not picky.

To vote for my entry or any of the other cool designs :) please visit this entry in the ETC Team Blog. (The poll is listed on the top right side.) Thanks!
UPDATE: Apparently there have been issues with the ETC Team Blog, so please use this link to vote in the ETC Design Challenge.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Catching Up...

What a busy week we've had...just got back from spending 4 days at the beach. Yes, the beach....yes, it is October, but here the Texas coast is still warm and sunny and only 2 1/2 hours away.

It was nice to get away, and the boys really enjoyed the waves and sand. We found salt-water hermit crabs and one really large shell. The only sand dollars we found were still alive (they are sort of brown and fuzzy), so we admired them and left them behind.

But now, back to work...Some time back a friend of mine (Connie of ReFabulous) told me about a really cool promotion for eco-friendly mom and baby products called The Spotted Box. She thought my scrubbies and washcloths from The Lavender Lizard would fit right in. I thought it was a great idea, but I honestly worried about whether or not I would have time to make the samples.

Then just a couple of days later, Tory from The Spotted Box contacted me because she thought my flower motifs from The Lavender Ladybug would be a good fit for The Box! Well, I took that as a sign that I should definitely do this, so a couple of weeks ago, I sent Tory 60 samples of my flower and star motifs. And I'll get my own box now! Yay!

To get your own Spotted Box, try Etsy or Hyena Cart. But hurry! They go fast!

(And more good news, Connie of ReFabulous is October's Best of the Box! Yay, Connie!! You know I love the lavender sachets! )

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ETC Gift Swap

We just wrapped up the 3rd Q Gift Swap with Etsy Texas Crafters. Shop owners filled out a short questionnaire and were randomly matched up with another shop.

My partner was Cheri from itsmecheri2098. She's a crafter who makes jewelry and clay creations. She likes the color purple (hey, who doesn't??) So this is what I made:

It's a tape measure cozy in purple, of course, plus an Anything Cup, also done in purple (but with a twist!) Cheri wrote me that she was very happy with her gifts! Yay!

The person who had me was May from mayzbeadz. She creates lampwork beads, and she made a gorgeous (purple!!!) bracelet for me. (Check out the cute heart-and-arrow toggle clasp!) Thanks, May!!!