Thursday, September 25, 2008

Candy Corn!

Yummy! And fat-free, too!
These are the small candy corn motifs I promised to list at The Lavender Ladybug. They turned out so cute! I even made a candy corn zipper pull for my second grader's backpack. (I'll have to remember to photograph it soon.)

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Autumn Items

I spent the last couple of days working on autumn items for both shops. I'll be posting these in the next couple of days.

First at The Lavender Lizard, I created a set of 2 pumpkins for decorating. I used some gorgeous squishy-soft chenille tweedy yarn. They look sophisticated!

I also relisted my Harvest Stripe cotton scarf. I originally made this for the Military Brats Fall Challenge, and it sold the day that I listed it! (Thanks, Anhoki!!! Hope this will keep you cozy!)

I can make it again, so it is listed as a custom order -- I'll just need about 2 weeks to complete it and ship.

Over at The Lavender Ladybug, I'll be listing new pumpkin and apple motifs for appliques or paper crafting. For the pumpkins, you can choose either brown or green stems (everyone in my family had a different opinion, so I made both!)
As you can see from the photos, the apples have a little brown stem and a little green leaf. They are adorable!

Right now, I'm making little candy corn motifs. They are turning out sooo cute! I will list a photo here when I post them at The Lavender Ladybug.

Other new items in the works include a tote bag in harvest stripes and custom orders for slipper socks and baby blankets. Please check back often!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Obsession. Or Ode to the Lindt Ball.

I read the funniest thing the other day:

It was on the back side of my favorite treat:

Are they serious?? These decadent chocolate delights have an expiration date?? Has anyone tested this by letting them sit around long enough to expire?? I know I haven't!

A word of warning: Though it seems like a terrific idea when you are doing it, eating 4 in quick succession will result in an tummyache. So your best bet is to stash these little babies away, and enjoy only one or two a day. I recommend an area high enough to keep your kiddos out. They won't appreciate the smooth, rich, chocolatey goodness....and tummyaches in kiddos are no fun at all.

(I would mention my latest crocheted creations now, but I'm too busy licking the chocolate off my fingers. And chocolate and yarn do not mix!)