Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Addiction That is Pinterest

Pinterest. The reason I did not blog for 2 years.

Actually, I am pretty sure that is merely a coincidence. It is a fact though that in the last 2 years, I have been on Pinterest on nearly a daily basis. Why? It is an inspiring mix of food, crafts, ideas, locations, and products! And Benedict Cumberbatch! What's not to love?

I started with a couple of boards, one of which was simply called Yarn! I pinned and pinned like crazy, and then realized my Yarn! board was so big that I could never find anything. So I created sub-category boards:

Yarn! Accessories (hats, scarves, shawls, booties, slippers, jewelry)

Yarn! Afghans, Blankets, Throws

Yarn! Amigurumi (dolls, animals, any stuffed figures)

Yarn! Clothing (sweaters, tops)

Yarn! Housewares (pillows, rugs, baskets, kitchen items)

Yarn! Motifs, Embellishments, Appliques

Yarn! Purses, Totes, Bags

Yarn! Squares, Circles, Hexagons

Yarn! Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Stitches

Yarn! Wish List (yarns I covet. This is what happens when you resolve not to purchase more yarn -- you start pinning it instead!)

I also have a yarn-related board called Things I Make. Most of the items pinned there are available in my Etsy shop.

(I would love if you followed any one or all of my Pinterest boards! Right now I have more than 850 yarn-related pins and more coming. These are all my personal boards. I will be creating specific business boards for The Lavender Lizard real soon!)

Back to Benedict marks the start of season 3 of Sherlock (in the US), the super-awesome British television show of a modern Sherlock Holmes. (If you are already a fan of Sherlock, you may have noticed my reference to the show in this blog's title.) To celebrate, we are having Super-Size Sherlock Sunday, and we will be re-watching last season's The Reichenbach Fall (from January 2012!) and then tuning into the new episode on PBS. So I'll wrap this up by saying 'why do the Brits take so long between television seasons? And why only three episodes?' Tally-ho!

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