Sunday, February 9, 2014

28 Days

28 Days. That is how long my no-new-yarn resolution lasted. Just. 28. Days.

In my defense ('cause you know I have one), I really, really, really needed new yarn. See, I was working on a custom order of a poncho and a beret in a variegated blue yarn for a little girl. Everything was working up just fine. But when I was finished, I realized that the pieces needed solid blue to break up the variegated and I had none. (Ok, in fairness, that is not entirely truthful -- I have solid blue yarn. Lots of solid blue yarn. Trust me when I say I have every color of blue cotton yarn in Sugar 'n Cream: light blue, cornflower, mod blue, stonewash, blue jeans, indigo, bright navy, blueberry, robin's egg, and hot blue. And none, none I tell you, matched or coordinated with the variegated blue.) So I absolutely had to buy more yarn. Not my fault, really.

The good news is I ran over to Hobby Lobby and found the perfect matching colors in I Love This Cotton called Pale Denim and Stonewash. See?

So I finished the poncho and beret with the solid blues, added pom poms, fringe and a flower, and shipped them off to California. I think they worked out well.

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