Friday, February 19, 2010

Four Down, Seven To Go

Here's the afghan I completed this week (#2 for the primos, if you're keeping count):

If you think I'm counting incorrectly, there was a change (and a few additions). Afghan #1 went to the first primo; afghan #2 was kept by my mom for herself (her excuse was that it matched her bedroom perfectly); afghan #3 was for my sister; and this just-completed one is afghan #4 for the second primo. So although the original plan was to make seven afghans for the primos (cousins), somehow four more were added to the list (two for Mom, one each for my two sisters).

That makes the score: four down and seven to go. Sounds daunting, but on the upside, #5 is already started, and #6 is a repeat of #4 with a different color scheme (which went very quickly)!

These projects are all temporarily on hold while I complete a quick entry for the Etsy Texas Crafters February Design Challenge. Sneak peek -- I'm combining these two very different yarns:

Stay tuned for a pic of the finished project and a link to the Design Challenge!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Winter Games

I just love the Olympics, but this year I really love the outfits the American team wore at the Opening Ceremonies, especially the moose hat:


And I absolutely love the cable knit sweater the athletes wore also (but I'll have to save up for that little beauty --$425 at!) Maybe I'll just learn how to knit....

Belated congratulations to the Jefferson Middle School theater arts group for their Superior (the highest possible) rating at the Middle School Theatre Festival! They did an awesome job!

And DS1 won a medal for All-Star cast! Here he is receiving his medal along with his classmate Justin (they are the two tall boys).

And a belated Valentines Day greeting to all -- we don't really celebrate Valentines Day (never have), but I brought home a heart-shaped balloon and that just made DS4's day!

That's love for you!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finished One Project and Started Another....

I'm so glad I finally finished my sister's blanket! It turned out so nice:

And I started a new project right away, another blanket for the primos:

It's made of solid squares in aqua, ivory, and grey (a modern combination, to be sure). The squares are connected when you work the last row (no sewing! yay!). I love this pattern -- it works up so fast! After a week, I am about half-way done!

The pattern is free and available on (search for the Square Upon Square Throw). I like this so much, I'm thinking of changing up the colors and making another one! (Turns out my other sister wants a blanket, too, so the second one just might end up being for her!)