Monday, October 3, 2011

Catching Up, Part I

I really can't believe how neglected my blog is. I'm pretty sure that earlier this year, time stomped on the gas pedal and is now hurling by at light speed.
It's October, and we've just begun the 7th week of school. DS4 has started kindergarten, which you think would mean that I have loads of extra time, but in fact, it seems the exact opposite is true. Our two youngest are both at the neighborhood elementary school, and our oldest two are in high school, but they attend different schools. They were both accepted into magnet schools, just not the same one. The sad realization came to me the other day that this is the last year that any of my boys will be at the same school at the same time. Next school year, I'll have 4 sons at 4 different campuses (and I'll be pulling my hair out, I'm sure!).
Here are my guys on the first day of school:
DS4 was beyond excited as we walked to school on the first day. (His backpack got heavy though, so Dad carried it most of the way.)
Now we're full swing into our school schedule. DS1 just finished a production of Arsenic and Old Lace with his high school theatre department. He also had theatre camp before school started that ended with a showcase featuring skits written and performed by the students. He has a thespian convention in December, and the theatre department has chosen the musical for the Spring performance with auditions coming this month. Oh yeah, and he's going to China for Spring Break.
DS2 is busy getting used to his new high school schedule. He's a freshman at the science/engineering magnet school in our district. The curriculum is rigorous to say the least.
DS3 has been keeping up with a crazy schedule. He's taking violin lessons twice a week before school, and he sings in the choir every Wednesday. Plus he and DS4 have started weekly gymnastics lessons. They love it! Me? I'm surrounded by lots of leotard-clad girls. It's a little bit of culture shock. :)
This ends part one of the update. Next time, I'll fill you in on the news of the crafty sort.


Tricia ~~ Handmade Whimzy said...

4 good looking, smart boys. You are one lucky woman!
(although I don't envy you having to clean up their bathroom :(

lavenderlizard said...

Ugh, the worst job ever, Tricia! HA.