Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer Happenings

Dear Summer, you are passing too quickly. Please slow down so I may enjoy more time with the boys before the hectic pace of school/activities/theatre/gymnastics? start again. Kthxbai. Love, Me.

We've been so busy this summer. At least summer school is over. DS1 and DS2 are both happy about that. :)

We try to go bowling at least once a week. The boys are all getting better, and I've managed to keep my form too. Ha.

We've had lots of family visits. Cousins:

And we've been hanging out at the ranch:

And we celebrated DS4's 5th birthday with lots of friends:

(16 kids and everyone's eyes are open! Ha.)

I have managed to finish a blanket that I made for my younger niece A. She loved the colors; like me, purple is her favorite!

I have lots more plans for summer; just hope I don't run out of time!

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