Saturday, October 15, 2011

Catching Up, Part II

Looking back at past posts, I have realized that I never shared the finished Domo hat in action. So here it is (as modeled by DS4):

And who doesn't love Domo, anyway!

Right now I'm creating another sock monkey hat -- this one for DS4's Halloween costume. If there's enough time, I'll make one for me also, since he has requested that I be his "sock monkey mama" and who can resist a request like that! Not me!

DS3 has challenged me to make him an owl costume for Halloween, and not just any ol' owl either, specifically a Great Grey Owl. I'm not exactly sure how I will pull this off, but here's the base for the owl hat (Vanna's Choice yarn in Grey Marble):

After the Halloween costumes, I hope to finish this scarf:

It's a Missoni-inspired long chevron scarf in many, many shades of blues and greens (Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn). I'm not positive but I think there are about a dozen different colors in this.

And just for fun, here's a little pennant flag banner in beautiful autumn colors (Heart & Sole yarn in Tequila Sunrise):

 As soon as I block this, I'll use it to decorate a mirror in our entryway. I'm considering making another one in winter holiday colors for a tiny tree. If. There's. Time. :)

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Emily said...

Do you have a pattern for your chevron scarf? If so, can you send me a link to it? Is it on Ravelry? I adore it and I adore all the colors you are using.