Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Has Anyone Seen This Yarn?

This is my favorite yarn ever!

It looks like an English garden, with shades of pink, rose, lavender, purple, and green.

But it's discontinued and has apparently been in my yarn stash so long that I can no longer find any trace of it. I'm pretty sure it is Lily Sugar n' Cream brand cotton yarn, but it may be Peaches and Cream. Either way, I want more!

This little cup was made from the little bit I had left. I ran out of the yarn before I could finish covering the cup, so the bottom (which can't be seen) and the inside are solid purple. (Sorry, this cup is not for sale -- it sits on my desk and holds the little papers with words for the Fabulous Friday Finds. Similar cups are for sale at The Lavender Lizard.)

So here's my plea to the yarn gods: Please, please, please bring back this yarn! Please....