Friday, February 13, 2009

Fabulous Friday Finds -- Sandstorm!

Today's edition of the Fabulous Friday Finds is brought to you by my 7yo, who thought up the word "sandstorm". Actually, that was his second choice -- his first choice of word was "hail" as in icy precipitation, but waaaay too many listings at Etsy were called "hail to the ___", and there were very few precipitation-related "hail" listings.

So "sandstorm" it is!
My first find is this hauntingly beautiful photo from LarryNicosiaPhoto. He's a new seller to Etsy, and many of his photographs have a desolate quality. And since I love being at the beach when it's cloudy and grey and a storm is coming in, this particular photo really spoke to me.

This original abstract piece from kellyvanhook is appropriately titled "Sandstorm." The color and texture recall the blinding nature of a sandstorm.

I just love the swirly colors of this handmade lampwork bead from blackriverbeads. It almost looks atmospheric, like the planet Jupiter. Gorgeous!

What happens when yarn gets lost in the desert? According to WhirligigYarns (from Boulder, Colorado -- where I was born!), this is the result -- a delightful mix of yellow, pink, taupe, and brown:

On a personal note, I once found myself in a sandstorm. We were on a chartered bus heading from Dallas to Colorado for a ski trip. It was raining in Dallas when we left. We hit the sandstorm in the panhandle (the bus had to stop on the side of the highway because the driver couldn't see anything), and it was snowing in Durango, Colorado when we arrived. That was the weirdest precipitation day ever!


Nicole said...

What an interesting concept for selecting a Friday feature! I love that abstract. Thank you so much for featuring my yarn, and for letting me know. I'll be checking your blog for more discoveries! :) Nicole

kellyvanhook said...

What a wonderful blog! Thank you so much for featuring my painting! Keep up the fabulous finds! Have a great day, Kelly