Friday, April 4, 2014

WIPs - Blankets

I wanted to share some progress I'm making on some lovely blankets for my son and my great-niece who will arrive in July.

For my great-niece, I made this blanket (Happy throw pattern from Mamachee):

The yarn in Red Heart Soft yarn in Off White, Pink, Guacamole, Lilac, and Honey.

I am working now on a Chevron blanket (pattern by Mamachee) in White, Light Grey Heather, and a surprise color (to be revealed later)!

For my son, who is about to turn 13, a variation of the Chevron blanket in three shades of his favorite color:

I really like the ombre effect. The yarn is Red Heart Soft yarn in Seafoam, Deep Sea, and Teal.

 Truth be told, two of these blankets are "completed", except for the dreaded weaving of the ends. Of course, you can't tell that from the pictures (creative editing, haha).

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