Saturday, March 22, 2014

Yarnbombing...It's a Fiber Art Thing

Have you heard of Yarnbombing? It's a form of street or public art where every day items (stop signs, meters, gates, fences, statues, etc.) are covered in knitted or crocheted pieces. I found these examples on the internet:

One day on Instagram, I noticed another user named @yarnbombs so I checked him out. I recommend you do the same -- the Yarn Bomber has a website -- and just reading about his previous yarn bombing installations and his future plans for a yarn bomb at Lizard's Mouth (no lie, that's the name!) made me want to contribute what little I could. So I dug around for a failed WIP (sadly there are many) and mailed it to him. You can see it and contributions from others around the world on Instagram (@yarnbombs) or on Pinterest (Yarn Bomber). If you'd like to contribute any kind of knitted or crocheted pieces, all of the links for the Yarn Bomber include an address to send contributions. And if you are in Santa Barbara, CA, the Yarn Bomber is also looking for local help for stitching together pieces and/or helping with the installation. Go on, make the world a beautiful yarn-y place!

PS I'm on Instagram too @lavenderlizard! There I share pictures of WIPs and other fun stuff!

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