Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cousins Reunion, Part II

A week ago, I spent a long weekend in Alma, Colorado with my sisters and my girl cousins. This is the second time we've met to catch up and hang out. (First time was last summer in San Antonio.) Sadly, because of family and work obligations, three cousins were missing this time around. :(

This is the six of us on the last morning in Colorado. ^^ I'm on the bottom right side, wearing my blue tunic that I finished just in time for the trip. Talk about motivated!

We stayed at my uncle's beautiful log cabin (thank you, Tom and Rosie!), cooked, laughed, played games, and went sightseeing. Alma is located a few miles south of Breckenridge.

We went bowling in Fairplay -- just 8 lanes and most people went to the bowling alley for the tamales! We had a blast!

This is me at the Continental Divide:

Til next year, Gonzales Girls!

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