Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Post #101

Today it was so cold here in south Texas -- I spent most of the day working on projects and photographing some new items (it was surprisingly sunny, despite the cold and wind.)

Here's one of the new items I photographed today in 2 different colors:

They are super-soft cuffs or wristlets. They're perfect year 'round because they give a little extra warmth in the winter, and they also look great as bracelets in spring and summer. I used Spa yarn from Caron -- it's a bamboo blend that feels so nice. They'll be listed this week at The Lavender Lizard. (They can be made longer and in other colors, so if you're interested in a custom order, please leave a comment here or click on Request Item at my shop.

Another project I've been working on is FRINGE, which I dread doing and usually put off until the veeeeeerrrrrrry last minute. I fringed these 3 scarves...

...and I still have 2 more to finish. sigh.
Another project is reworking this blanket. That means pulling out all of the stitches and starting over. It's wider now, plus I added the ivory color, which really balances out the bright variegated yarn. I'm much happier with the result:
I just wish I had started over before I had finished 45 rows. For some reason, it photographs better now too! Bonus!

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