Friday, July 18, 2008

My First Customer Ever!

My very first customer ever on Etsy was WendiWinn. She sent me a note with that order saying that she was looking specifically for shops that had not yet had a sale, so that she could be the first to buy from them. I thought that was sooo cooool (this was before the advent of Pounce)!

Several months later, she visited again and placed a rather large order for gifts! Awesome buyer!

Then today, she sent me a convo. She just started a blog about things she likes and she mentioned my shop today. She's just the best first customer ever!!!

So please visit her blog -- it's minimal reading and maximum cuteness! And her Etsy shop is full of Papery Goodness, like these notecards or this scrapbook. Thanks, Wendi!!

1 comment:

w said...

oh my goodness! thanks so much for the mention!

i never realized you blogged about me! tsk tsk. google alerts is in so much trouble.