Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Just a short post in-between candy runs. Life's been super busy, but I have to share one funny little item I just had to get for Halloween -- the Devil Domo:

He's so cute and if you recall, DS3 dressed as Domo for last Halloween. That costume was such a hit with all of his friends and the other trick-or-treaters (the adults, however, were baffled.) I briefly considered recycling the Domo costume -- which we still have -- and adding the horns and forked tail. (Maybe next year....)

Here's a sneak peek of DS3 and DS4's costumes:

More photos of the boys in their costumes coming soon, and don't forget Monday is the ETC First Monday Sale.
Let's be safe out there....

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Tricia ~~ Handmade Whimzy said...

OMG Liz! Take a look at my blog and see what our costumes were for this Halloween. I think you will see something you recognize.

It's like our kids are reading each others minds. LOL