Thursday, May 13, 2010

What a Busy Week!

The end of the school year brings so many challenges: TAKS tests, projects, field trips, and Morgan's dinner theater have kept everyone busy, plus we've been planning for next year when Morgan goes to high school. Then Tanner was chosen for induction into the National Junior Honor Society! We could not have been prouder, especially since last year, Morgan was inducted.

So last Wednesday (May 5), we witnessed Tanner and over 100 other 7th graders receive their NJHS certificates.

Here's Tanner with his principal and the NJHS sponsor receiving his certificate (sorry it's so fuzzy):

Here's Tanner celebrating with cake (Morgan and Dad are in the background).

We wanted to take photos of all of the boys (everyone was dressed so nicely). However, Connor wouldn't cooperate at all -- seems that he had enough of 'playing nice'. But I figured that we would have another chance at Morgan's dinner theater performance, which was Thursday and Friday (May6 and 7).

Morgan had the role of Bensonhurst, the very proper (read: stuffy!) butler in Murder's in the Heir, a production where the audience chooses the murderer from among the cast.
Morgan and the rest of the cast and crew had been rehearsing for months. And they all did a terrific job! Here's Morgan looking suspiciously at another character:

And we were finally able to take a photo of the boys. Sadly, Connor still wouldn't cooperate completely.

Luckily, we have another opportunity this weekend -- Morgan has been invited to the Awards Ceremony for the Young Pegasus Poetry Competition sponsored by the San Antonio Public Library. Over 2200 poems were submitted, and 82, including Morgan's, were selected for publication. Hopefully, everyone will cooperate at photo time!

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