Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trying to Catch Up....

Well, lots has happened in the last two months. I have finished two blankets, one for my sister and one for DS3's birthday. I also started another one in purple, green and yellow for the primos. (It reminds me of pansies.)

Here's the one for my sis in blue, white and purple:

I'm also working on a top in a bamboo yarn in purple for myself. It's turning out so nice that I think I'll make another in yellow. Can't wait to share a pic of that one.

Spring has brought lots of changes to South Texas. Because we had such a wet winter, the wildflowers have been the best we've seen in years. (Unfortunately, the rain also brought an astounding number of potholes!) We even finally managed to sprout some bluebonnets in our backyard (the seeds were planted 3 1/2 years ago!).

And here's another backyard surprise -- Boomer's back! Apparently we grow the right kind of weeds! He stops by almost every night around 5 and sometimes we even see him in the morning.

But the best bluebonnets by far are on what I call Bluebonnet Hill!

Happy Spring!

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