Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Accidental Gardener and the Return of Boomer

I wish I spent more time gardening, as I really do enjoy it. But I've let the yard go and do it's own thing. Luckily, some things still bloom whether I pay attention to them or not.

Here's a lily that originally came from my parents' home in Dallas:

They have been uprooted and moved a couple of times, and I'm always happy to see them bloom each spring.

This is a blue plumbago that I thought I lost a couple of winters ago:

Now it's bigger than ever!

We used to have a wild rabbit that visited us nearly every day at dinner time 2 summers ago. We named him Boomer (short for Boomerang because he always came back). DS2 and DS3 were outside a couple of days ago looking for bugs (for an icky school project), and DS3 ran in to tell me that Boomer was back.

Well, there was a bunny in the backyard, and he does look like Boomer, but given his size (he could fit in the palm of my hand!) there's no way this is the original Boomer! Maybe he's Boomer's great grandson. Either way, he's adorable and he posed for me in the blue plumbago:

Welcome back, Boomer!

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