Friday, January 30, 2009

Fabulous Friday Finds -- Potato!

Welcome to the second edition of my Friday feature. My boys challenge me each week with a noun, then I search Etsy and find the most fabulous items (to me) that match the noun to feature.

This week's challenge word: Potato!

"Potato," I thought, "What in the world will I find on Etsy with potato?" It seemed daunting or at least, nearly impossible. Who makes potatoes to sell on Etsy??

Well, personally, I love potatoes, and this little gem sums that up (from jenjensirene)!

And what could be better than playing with potatoes? This yummy felt lunch set from christinamaedesigns features 2 kinds of potatoes -- fries and chips! Now that's what I want for lunch!

And for dinner, we'll serve Mom's meatloaf with mashed potatoes (check out the perfect pat of butter), from opheliamcphee!

Speaking of Mom, how about a gorgeous strand of potato pearls, from briguysgirls! Trust me, she will love this necklace!

And let's not leave out the baby in the family. Here's a sweet newborn set from potatopatch featuring 2 of the cutest chicks ever:

Potato, you ask? Where's the potato? Well, the chick design is hand-stamped with potato stamps! Clever, right?

Thanks for stopping by! Tune in next Friday for a whole new batch of fabulous finds!


jenjensirene said...

What a wonderful blog you have! Thank you so much for featuring my "Telltale Tuber" fine art photograph. I almost couldn't believe it myself when I found a real heart-shaped potato! :-)

jenjensirene said...

Oops, silly me, I meant thanks for featuring my "Tuber and Trefoil" photo! I actually have two potato photos in my Etsy shop, and "Telltale Tuber" is the other one...

GrandmaMarilyns said...

I love this type of post, Liz. I think it is great that your are interacting with your children in doing this. I told my daughter about it and she is afraid to do it with her children as she says she is afraid of what they will come up with. LOL

You did great with your word.

isleofmuse said...

Thank you soo much for including my felt play food. The good thing about the chips and fries- 0 calories!

((Hugs)) Christine

Potatopatch said...

Thanks for featuring my shop in your blog. Really enjoyed reading your potato related article. Will continue to follow.